First Time Using Postagain

I recently took my two nieces to their first cricket match. It was Pakistan vs. India. My nieces were extremely excited about going and I was glad I was the one to take them. I knew taking two little girls to a sports match meant I would miss out on talking to another adult about the game, but someone had told me about a new app called Postagain and how it was like a live social media app, so I thought maybe that would give me the opportunity to share the experience with others. I decided to install Postagain on my cell phone before leaving so I could try it out at the match.I invited a few friends to also download the app so there would be some people we actually know online while we used the app. In particular, I asked my brother, their dad, to install the app so he could see his girls having a good time at the game.


Once we got our snacks and spent a few minutes in our seat, I decided it was time to take pictures of my nieces and I at the match and post them to Postagain. I did. Just a few shots of them smiling and being silly, then I uploaded them into our own album. Uploading the photos was very easy. I just hit the “post” button on the bottom of the app and I was able to capture pictures from right there. It even gave me the option to “Say something” about the pictures so I added captions to show when we were happy if something good happened during the match or our disappointment when our team was losing. We took a few frowned face photos when the other team scored. As we uploaded our photos there were complete strangers liking and commenting on our photos. They were other people who were also at the match. People starting commenting and including photos of them at the game under our photos. Within just a few minutes we had 15 photos of other views from the stadiums and other kids who were at the game with their loved ones. I added tags to our photos (e.g., Cricket, Pakistan v. India), which is what helped other people find us so quickly. One of the other users started a public chat room and we were able to discuss what was happening in the game real time. It was a great experience for me as my nieces are young, so it was nice to talk to other grown ups at the game about what was happening. A couple of times I took the girls to the bathroom and recognized people from the pictures they posted. Thanks to Postagain we made new friends!

One last thing was with the 360 degree view we really got to see the entire stadium. It was packed! This is the most exciting and competitive cricket matches, the ones between Pakistan and India, so to see the number of people their and to get some up close and personal photos of the other fans, and even some of the rival fans, was amazing! It was great for my brother too. He was able to experience the energy at the game since he was apart of the public chat, even though he wasn’t physically there. It was almost like he got to go with the game with us, but still wear his pajamas. Postagain made this a better experience and a lot of fun; I can’t wait to go to another match so I can use Postagain again!


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