First time using Postagain

Everyone knows anytime Pakistan and India compete in a cricket match it is a big deal. Tickets to the event can be tough to get but recently my brother was able to score one.  He was only able to get one meaning me and my nieces, his daughters, were going to be stuck watching from home without him. He told me about this new app called Postagain and asked me to download it to my phone before the game. He said it would help me, him, and the girls talk during the game and even though we would be watching from home. We could use the app to help us feel as though we were there with him.


So, I downloaded the app and he left for the game. Once he got there and got settled he started uploading photos of himself in the stadium. He even sent pictures of the guy sitting next to him. I started posting response pictures to what he was posting. I took a few shots of the girls and I smiling and being silly, then I uploaded them into our own album. Uploading the photos was very easy. I just hit the “post” button on the bottom of the app and I was able to capture pictures or video from right there. It even gave me the option to “Say something” about the pictures so I added captions like “Score!”, or “Boo”, to show when we were happy if something good happened during the match or our disappointment when our team was losing. We even took a few frowned face photos when the other team scored. As we uploaded our photos there were complete strangers liking and commenting on them. People starting commenting and including photos of them at the game and some others watching from home under our photos. Within just a few minutes we had 15 photos of other people that included views from within the stadiums and other people at home sharing their thoughts and photos about the game too. I added tags to our photos (e.g., Cricket, Pakistan v. India), which is what helped other people find us so quickly. One of the other users started a public chat room and we were able to discuss what was happening in the game real time.


Once in the chat room we were able to see more of the game with the 360-degree view. It was incredible! We really got to see the entire stadium. It was packed! The cricket matches between Pakistan and India are the most exciting and competitive, so of course there were plenty of India fans posting about the game as well, and rubbing their win in our faces, but to see the number of people at the stadium, and to get some up close and personal photos of the other fans, and even some of the rival fans, was amazing! My nieces and I were able to experience the energy at the game, even though we weren’t physically there. It was almost like we got to go with the game with him, but still wear our pajamas. Postagain made this a better experience and a lot of fun and I can’t wait for the next event so we can use it again.


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