The final match of Kobe Bryant

Kobe Bryant is my all time favorite basketball star. My brother and I had watched each and every one of his matches of his entire career. Being one of his greatest fans we had to be there to see his farewell game. Both of us were desperate to get the tickets to his match, but maybe we were not lucky enough. I ended up with a ticket on my hands and he didn’t. He was happy for me and he said that he hadn’t wanted to go in the first place, but I knew better than to believe what he said. I wanted him to have as much fun as I would be having. I had read about the Post again app somewhere on the internet. I thought it could be put to test in this situation.

I downloaded this app on my brother’s phone without telling him. When I reached the court, I texted my brother and asked him to open the new app I had downloaded. I also told him to access the content named “The final match of Kobe Bryant”. The Lakers game was about to start.  I posted pictures of the whole court and recorded videos of the loud crowd. I was constantly uploading everything on the app. My brother was very excited to see this. My brother was commenting on these pictures. He was also posting pictures of what he was eating at home. Kobe Bryant was looking the idealistic player in the purple and gold uniform. I even got a close-up picture of him.

Soon other people discovered our content. They also began posting their pictures and videos of the game. We were sad when the Lakers were trailing the Utah Jazz. Some light banter was going on between the fans of the opposite teams in the live chat room. But the most important thing was that we were there to witness the glorious ending of Kobe’s career. He led the Lakers to victory. The black Mamba was leaving and I was happy that brother was not missing a moment of this.

Postagain is a really cool app. I use it almost every day.


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