It’s Eid!!

Living away from home in a foreign country is often advantageous but at other times, it has certain disadvantages. For example, whenever there is a festival, you don’t get to be with the ones you love, you don’t get to enjoy all the joyous moments with the family members and so on. One of these events is Eid. I live in Boston and I am a Pakistani. On the eve of Eid, I was sitting alone in my apartment, missing my family member. I thought about the fun they would be having right then and the next day.

After a couple of hours I received a call from my fiancé, she asked me to download an app named Postagain, make a channel and access the content called “It’s Eid”. I asked her what this was for but she just said you will find out soon.  I did as she had asked me to, I discovered that all my cousins had family members were posting pictures of that content. They were commenting on each other’s pictures and making fun of each other. I posted a picture of myself and everyone began to welcome me. They said that they had planned this for me. We chatted with each other in the live chat room.

The next day one of my cousins uploaded a video of all the family members wishing each other. I was able to get a full 360-degree view. The video was very detailed. I loved each and every moment of it. I also got ready and uploaded a video. I didn’t feel lonely anymore. It was really nice to see everyone smiling and wishing each other. My brother uploaded pictures of our house, they had decorated it a day earlier. My fiancé was looking very pretty, she asked me how I liked the surprise and I said that I had loved it. I didn’t feel like I was away from my family because it felt like I was there among them.

Postagain is an incredible app. It has so many benefits. I use it almost every day to chat with my family.


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