Doing some cooking!!

Staying away from home in a hostel can be a frustrating thing. One gets tired gets of the mess food. I really missed my mom’s cooking.  I had often tried to cooking something but I always ended up with burnt food on my hands. I could never get the things right. I asked my sister to help me out. She told me about Postagain. She said that I could use this to take help from our mom. I didn’t understand what she means at first and then I went through the app features myself. There were various forms of interactions. I saw that I could upload pictures and make videos. There was also a live chat room.

I told my sister to download the same app on mom’s phone. My mom is not a very knowledgeable person. I thought it would take some time for her to learn to use the app, but to my surprised she learned very quickly. After exchanging a few greetings in the live chat room, I told her about my cooking problems. She laughed a lot about this and then suggested a solution. She made videos of her cooking and uploaded them for me on Postagain. I was able to access the videos through the content named, “Cooking Tricks”. My mom had chosen this name. She also posted the pictures of her recipes. This helped me a lot. I improved my cooking and began to make some excellent dishes. I posted the pictures of my dishes. My mom also commented on my pictures. She was very proud of me. Slowly other people discovered the content and they also began posting their problems.  My mom suggested simple tricks to help them in cooking. Long conversations began to take place in the chat rooms.

My mom was idolized in that group. She was very happy to help everyone. Other people posted their cooking videos and the pictures of their dishes. Slowly the content became a small community. My mom later said that it feels very good to be a part of something important. Postagain helped us form this community. It is a great app.


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