Wonderful App

Making family time is really difficult when you are a businessman, but make no mistake, my family is really important to me. I always try to make time for my wife and children and all the special occasions related to them. Most of the time it is easy but sometimes it’s just impossible to get in time for the events. One such thing happened when it was my daughter Anna’s Annual parents Day.  She was performing the lead role in the play. I had motivated her to take part in the play. She had become dependent on me for inspiration and encouragement.

I wasn’t in the city at the time of the show. My daughter was really upset about this. She wanted me to be there to watch her perform. I had recently downloaded the Postagain app. I knew what it was used for. I asked my wife to download the same app. Through this app, I was able to interact with my wife during the whole program. My wife uploaded pictures of the various events and performances. I could comment on these pictures and post my own responses in return.

My daughter’s performance was very special to me. My wife made a video and uploaded it. She had never used the Postagain app before so she didn’t know how to use it, but a very brief explanation was enough. Later she said that the interface of the app was self-explanatory. I could get the fully detailed view of my daughter’s performance without any hitches. After the performance, I chatted with my daughter in the live chat room. She was very happily surprised that I had seen the entire performance. When I praised her for the different parts of her performance, she was laughing with delight. We exchanged pictures, I showed her the place where I was staying. She showed me her fairy dress, which was really pretty.

This app was a joy to use. It helped me get in touch with my family when I need it the most. I am very thankful to the people who created this app.


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